Joint statement by Bytes for All, Pakistan and the Association for Progressive Communications Sticky


ISLAMABAD (9 November 2015) – Bytes for All (B4A), Pakistan and the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) are extremely concerned about a recent initiative by the Pakistani government to install at least two thousand surveillance cameras across the federal capital.

B4A and APC fear that the ‘Islamabad Safe City Project’, an initiative of Pakistan’s Ministry of Interior and National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), will make Pakistani citizens increasingly vulnerable to mass digital surveillance practices and other violations against their right to privacy.

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Debating faith in cyberspace: Offline consequences of online religious expression in Pakistan Sticky


Islamabad, (November 2, 2015): A deep-rooted culture of impunity, life threatening environment for online religious expression, conflicting constitutional provisions and governance practices are the key findings of a new research report launched by Bytes for All (B4A), Pakistan.

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Why should you be worried about the proposed cybercrime bill? Sticky


PECB Comic

Do you live in Pakistan, or are you a citizen of Pakistan? -- and are you reading these words on the Internet? If so, you should start getting worried about the new cybercrime bill that the government wants to enact as law.

It is formally titled the “Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill, 2015” (PECB), and if it actually becomes law, it will give the government and law enforcement agencies broad and sweeping powers to curtail free speech online, and violate the online privacy of citizens.

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Take Action for #TakeBackTheTech and #ImagineAFeministInternet Sticky


The following statement was issued by APC

October 2015

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Security v Access: The Impact of Mobile Network Shutdowns in Pakistan Sticky


Islamabad, September 28, 2015: A new report released on Monday reveals the socio-economic costs of mobile network shutdowns and argues that in some cases such disruptions can actually threaten the very right these practices seek to preserve: the right to life.

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Islamabad to Celebrate Independence Day by Shutting Down Communication Channels Sticky


Islamabad, August 13, 2015: Mobile phone users in several parts of Islamabad and Rawalpindi woke up on Thursday morning to find that they were unable to make calls, send text messages or use mobile Internet services on their cell phones as they were not receiving any signals from their telecom service providers. In at least some cases, this extended to Internet Services provided by ISPs that use a wireless rather than landline network.

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PTA document indicates potential closure of Blackberry Services in Pakistan Sticky


Islamabad, July 23, 2015: According to a Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) document (F. No 7-19/2013/PTA, dated 22nd July 2015) sent by a whistleblower to Bytes for All, Pakistan, three cellular service providers providing Blackberry Services have been “requested” to “offer 90 days notice as per existing provisions to their BES customers for closing their BES connections, and ensure that all BES connection of their customers must be closed by or before 30th November 2015.”

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PI and B4A IPT Complaint: Court says GCHQ spied on Human Rights NGOs, acted unlawfully Sticky


London, June 22, 2015: Today, The Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) revealed that the UK Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) spied on two international human rights organisations, failed to follow ITS own secret procedures and acted unlawfully. The targeted NGOs are the South African Legal Resources Centre (LRC) and the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR).

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HRC29 Side Event: Religion Meets Rights, Addressing Key Issues & Challenges at the Intersections of Rights in Asia Sticky


Geneva, June 12, 2015: Bytes for All, Pakistan together with Forum-Asia, Association for Progressive Communications, Global Partners Digital, the Internet Democracy Project, KontraS and ICT Watch, recently organised a regional consultation on “Expression, Opinion and Religious Freedoms in Asia” on 3-5 June 2015, in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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Pakistan: Freedom of Expression under Threat - written statement for 29th Session of UN Human Rights Council Sticky


Geneva, June 10, 2015: On behalf of Bytes for All, Pakistan a written statement was submitted by the Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development, a non-governmental organization in special consultative status for the 29th Session of UN Human Rights Council under Agenda Item 3. This written statement is accessible here

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