Pakistan: Moral Policing – a vicious cycle


The best advice anyone can give to the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) is to stick to the task of making information and communication technologies friendly and accessible to the people of Pakistan, instead of spending their resources on the enforcement of right-wing self-righteous ideologies.

Pakistan’s e-governance setup has a severely tainted history, which clearly reflects as inefficient governance structures on the ground. While PTA should be protecting users’ rights online, it has indulged itself in senseless ideological warfare on the Internet.

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Innovation for Social Justice - Pakistan, and beyond


Pakistan, a country of countless opportunities, is also a country afflicted by wide range of social malice. With the country’s perception enveloped in negativity, it is the strongest need of the hour to intensify efforts to establish positive social reforms. To say the least, this requires a shift from raising voice to engaging in positive, participatory action.

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Pakistan: Ban on Internet encryption a violation of freedom of expression


The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority has served legal directives to all internet service providers in the country requiring that they implement an earlier regulation banning in the name of anti-terrorism all internet encryption. ARTICLE 19 and Bytes for All regard the regulation, and related provisions in the Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-Organization) Act of 1996, to be in violation of international legal standards on the right to freedom of expression and the right to privacy, and call on the government to amend the laws and retract the notices served.

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