Privacy rights violations challenged in Lahore High Court

Islamabad, May 8, 2013: Bytes for All (B4A), Pakistan had been following up on “FinFisher” for almost last one year with grave concern for its implications on citizens’ privacy and larger human rights in the country. B4A had some evidence of its presence in the country but not enough to share publicly. It was not until the investigations and findings by its two partners Citizen Lab and Privacy International revealed FinFisher's active deployment on PTCL Network that triggered mass reaction.

Striving to safeguard the digital and privacy rights of the citizens of Pakistan, Bytes for All has taken prompt action against the recently discovered spyware, moving the Lahore High Court through an appropriately focused Writ Petition. The petition focuses on the increasing threats to citizen privacy, absence of individual protections, and the violations of basic human rights granted by the country's constitution. It questions the authorities about the motives of existence of this anti-democracy and predatory technology in the country.
FinFisher is notorious for targeting human rights movements all over the world and has advanced spying and surveillance capabilities for invading into the privacy of anyone connected to the Internet or mobile. The technology is obnoxious, and can even surreptitiously turn on people's webcams, listen to Skype, and control computers remotely.
B4A along with the larger civil society movement in the country is now reaching out to the court of justice, requesting to take notice of such outrageous violations of fundamental human rights that are in complete contradiction of constitution of Pakistan and any acceptable norms of civil liberties. We expect that the honorable court will look into this issue with utmost care, and bring the violators to justice. 
Pakistani citizens have the right to know that why authorities in Pakistan are invading their privacy and at what costs on the part of people and human rights defenders in the country! 
B4A is also currently contesting a separate lawsuit against the Federation of Pakistan challenging widespread online censorship and the atrocious YouTube ban.
About Bytes for All, Pakistan
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