Call for Participation | Digital Storytelling to Combat Violence Against Women | Islamabad, Pakistan

Islamabad, June 06, 2013: In recent years, Internet and digital communications have become one of the most important tool for expression, free speech, assembly and upholding democratic principles and human rights in any society throughout the world. In Pakistan, this medium is being used very effectively by different segments of society, especially youth and human rights groups to promote advocacies and strengthen their activism for social change. 
As per Feminist Tech Practices, Digital Stories are stories produced, stored and disseminated using digital media. Such a workshop conceptualize digital story telling as a recording and documentation method, which foregrounds the voice and experiences of story tellers as primary in the process of storytelling. The focus is on the story tellers' control over the medium, choice of words (narration), pictures and music so that the process is as powerful for the story teller as the end product is to the viewers.
Since, we are committed to challenging traditional approaches of developing media, which appropriates women’s voices, misrepresent, and disempower, the approach to digital stories is one of empowerment, of women’s control over their voices and stories, and respectful of process and product. 
In this regard, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) and Bytes for All, Pakistan is jointly organizing a major Digital Storytelling workshop only for young girls and women human rights defenders on 26-29 June 2013.  It will be 
This call for participation is issued for interested individuals all over Pakistan. The training will be led by two renowned resource persons. A limited number of travel/accommodation scholarships are also available for exceptional candidates.
Please note that this is a residential training event with full four (4) days of commitment, so all the participants will have to commit themselves for the entire duration of the training.  
Further details on the program will be shared with the selected participants only. If you wish to participate in this training, please fill in the form by June 18, 2013. Selected participants will be notified by June 20, 2013. For more information, you can write to info[at]