Privacy Rights

Bytes for All, Pakistan is implementing a research project in collaboration with Privacy International, UK. This regional initiative is graciously funded by IDRC (International Development Research Centre), Canada. In Pakistan, this project mainly looks at two questions:

  • Is Privacy a fundamental right in Pakistan as per constitution?
  • What are the Privacy Issues in Pakistan from legal, social and cultural perspective?

We are finding answers to these questions leading us to further understanding & implications of privacy violations and its effects on development and social justice in the society.
On the issue of Privacy Rights, B4A’s efforts will continue to focus raising privacy rights awareness in Pakistan, and to raise its importance on the policy agenda.  We will do so by striving to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Capture legal, social, religious, cultural, human rights and business implications of privacy issues in Pakistani society;
  • Help initiate debate among policy makers about people’s right to privacy;
  • Monitor and comment on select public policies from privacy rights perspective;
  • Educate select stakeholders on the privacy rights issues.

Unfortunately, there are no proper constitutional and statutory provisions on Privacy Issues in Pakistan.  The Constitution is the supreme law of the country and all laws passed should be in line with the Constitution. However, this Constitution has undergone various amendments, especially during the regimes of different dictators, which have weakened the guarantees it provides for citizens rights.
B4A is targeting its advocacy efforts to get a National Privacy Commission and umbrella policy instrument to safeguard citizen’s privacy rights in Pakistan.