Global Information Society Watch

The Global Information Society Watch (GISWatch) is an annual publication and online space for collaborative monitoring of implementation of international (and national) commitments made by the governments towards the creation of an inclusive information society.
GISWatch is not only a publication, it is a process. The long term goal of the project is to build policy analysis skills and ‘habits’ into the work of civil society organisations that work in the areas of ICT for development, democracy and social justice.
GISWath focuses on monitoring progress made towards implementing the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) action agenda and other international and national commitments related to information and communications.
It also provides analytical overviews of institutions involved in implementation. GISWatch aims to make governments and international organisations accountable for meeting the commitments they make through contributing to building a strong and sustainable global civil society policy advocacy network.
Bytes for All, Pakistan is the country contributor to this globally acclaimed civil society policy advocacy space.
The GISWatch Reports from previous years are accessible here
Pakistan country reports are accessible on the following links: