Islamabad Innovation Lab 2011

Digital tools and new media technologies are transforming the way that journalists and civil society organisations communicate and work, and are playing an important role in the free flow of information.

With the premise that new media technologies and several newly developed digital tools can facilitate the work of the media and civil society leaders and human rights workers; an Innovation Lab is being organized at the Marriott Hotel, Islamabad on 25-27 October 2011.

The Innovation Lab will bring together new media experts, journalists, bloggers, civil society leaders, geeks and tool developers from Pakistan and Afghanistan. While showcasing cutting-edge digital tools and technologies, the Lab will provide practical opportunities for the participants to learn how they work.

There will be an ideas generating session, where concepts for utilizing, what was learnt will be developed. The Lab will be grounded in the context of Pakistan and Afghanistan, where internet and computer access is low.

At the conclusion of the Lab, participants will have an increased awareness and knowledge of how to apply digital tools to further improve their work.

Main objectives of the Innovation Lab are:

  • Increase the awareness of technology tools for improving communications;
  • Enable the networking between those with direct experience of technology tools with journalists, civil society leaders, and geeks;
  • Develop innovative project ideas that have direct and measurable impacts for Pakistan and Afghanistan contexts; and
  • Collate feedback and responses to the technology tools from the participants and document practical experiences.

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