ICT Policy Advocacy

Two easily discernable ‘waves’ have been sweeping across the current of human history during recent times.  They have set in motion, a train of changes that have already transformed the human society in ways that are nothing short of revolutionary. They are: (i) transition towards information society, and (ii) revolution in ICTs.
In this context, it is extremely important that ICT policies in the country are not only people centered but also implemented in its true spirit and are at work for the betterment of common Pakistanis. Our country has a history of good and bad policies and above all gaps in proper implementation.
Bytes for All believes  in authentic research for developing people friendly policies and dedicates its efforts to discuss, highlight and monitor ICT policy issues in the country. For the purpose, B4A is managing Pakistan ICT Policy Monitor Network, an ICT Policy Portal and Pakistan ICT Policy discussion list.
Overall objectives of B4A's ICT Policy Advocacy are: 

  • to highlight and capture ICT and development related campaign issues in Pakistan and register civil society perspective to those issues.
  • to work as a bridge in between ICT and development professionals, technologists, policy makers, academia, media and larger civil society.
  • to launch policy advocacy campaigns around various ICT policy issues in the country.
  • to work as an information gateway for ICT and development communities in Pakistan

Bytes for All Pakistan acknowledges gracious support by the APC www.apc.org for providing us much needed support and technical backstopping for the purpose.