Greening IT

The use of different gadgets and electronic equipments has become such an integral part of our daily lives, we hardly think of the way the world would be without technology or electronics. The growth rates in take-up of gadgets to use different of information and communications technologies (ICTs) e.g. mobile phones, computers, digital cameras and other gadgets is exploding at phenomenal ratio. We are adding large quantities of electrical and electronic equipments to the e-Waste stream, which has extremely negative impacts on the environment.
In recent years, a great deal of attention is being devoted to the environmental impacts of computers and other electronic equipment, as these items pose a massive problem for municipal landfills and health hazards to human life.
Bytes for All, Pakistan is an active member of APC’s Greening IT initiative that aims to address two critical challenges:

  • How do national ICT policy environments address ICTs, environmental sustainability and climate change?
  • How can ICTs be used more sustainably by ICTD practitioners, civil society organisations and service providers?

As part of the global efforts under Greening IT Initiative, Bytes for All contributed following country report for Global Information Society Watch, which focused ICTs and Environmental Sustainability.
2010 - ICTs and Environmental Sustainability in Pakistan is committed towards betterment of environmental conditions in the country. Given the cross-cutting nature of ICTs, we wish to intervene by advocating use of Green IT services, ICTs for environmental knowledge sharing, development of tools supporting conservation efforts and informed decision making.