Innovation for Social Justice - Pakistan, and beyond

Pakistan, a country of countless opportunities, is also a country afflicted by wide range of social malice. With the country’s perception enveloped in negativity, it is the strongest need of the hour to intensify efforts to establish positive social reforms. To say the least, this requires a shift from raising voice to engaging in positive, participatory action.
There is no doubt when stating an obvious fact that, sustainable change comes only from within when the sense of responsibility and ownership towards the society is embraced by representatives from all professions alike, and not just shallow activism.
Keeping this in mind, Bytes for All Pakistan and Internews Network joined hands in a collaborative effort to contribute towards improving the economic and social well being of Pakistani masses in a result oriented exercise by the name of Islamabad Innovation Lab 2011. The idea is to bring together some of the brightest minds of the 21st century from all walks of life, and provide them an enabling environment to craft innovative ideas, which can be translated into sustainable social action with the help of modern digital tools & technologies.
With sincere belief in the spirit of the Pakistani society, the Islamabad Innovation Lab functions on a firm idea that the needed solutions to bring about effective change exist within the minds of individuals and need nurturing and facilitation to translate them into vision and action oriented social change. The Lab consists of researchers and academicians, media experts and journalists, bloggers, civil society and opinion leaders, geeks and digital tool developers, marketers and communication experts from Pakistan and neighboring Afghanistan.
With the use of digital tools increasing worldwide, the Islamabad Innovation Lab 2011 is attempting to create a resource of some of the best technologies that has helped vulnerable societies all over the world improve drastically. The Lab now aims to combine innovative ideas from the participants and help them become replicable and efficient drivers of social justice in Pakistan and beyond.
Islamabad Innovation Lab will showcase many digital tools ranging from ‘Frontline SMS’, ‘Huridocs’ to ‘Ushahidi’ & Freedom Fone; and many new ones; not only to educate participants but also to facilitate so that they can use them for solutions to pressing social and economic development challenges, which can be resolved using one or more of these tools in our society.

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