Expression Restricted - An Account of Online Expression in Pakistan

Freedom of expression is a universally accepted human right under the International Convention of Civil and Political Rights, ICCPR. As a signatory of ICCPR, Pakistan has committed to uphold this right in the national constitution and through local laws. This report is based on a customised version of Frank La Framework for freedom of expression, adapted by Association for Progressive Communications, APC into a set of indicators. Under this framework, the report looks at how this right is framed in the legal structure in Pakistan and how it is practised, particularly in digital spaces.

Conflicting with the Constitution - Privacy Rights & Laws in Pakistan

Be it the Snowden revelations or other forms of evidence against the involvement of both national and international governments in heavy surveillance of citizens, the world now knows that citizen privacy is being compromised in ways that cannot be deemed legal under any circumstances. Pakistan is no different. Journeying through both national and international laws and conventions, the report analyzes various sorts of legal implications on privacy rights. 

Case Studies - Technology Driven Violence Against Women

This is a collection of the case studies of three women, Aisha, Bayhaya and Baaghi, conducted to probe in depth the phenomenon of technology driven/online violence against women in Pakistan. These case studies were researched in partnership with the Association of Progressive Communications as part of a global evidence building exercise to document types of technologies used, the range of violence perpetrated, and the harms experienced by women together with their access to justice, whether through domestic legal remedy or through corporate remedy.

Technology Driven Violence Against Women - Pakistan Country Report 2014

The aims of this research on technology driven violence against women were multifold. On the one hand it attempts to discover and document in detail how technology driven Violence Against Women (VAW) takes place, whilst on the other, it tries to identify the technologies/ platforms used for the purpose, and the types of harms experienced by women, i.e., emotional, psychological, physical social and/or economic harm.

End Violence: Women's Rights and Safety Online - Baseline Studies

1. Cyberspace and Violence Against Women: A Review of Existing Legislation in Pakistan
2. Violence Against Women: A Review of the Policies of ICT Intermediaries in Pakistan

Regional Consultation on Freedom of Expression for Civil Liberties in Asia Bangkok, Thailand

Civil liberties civil rights that provide an individual with specific rights and freedom. In the most basic of definitions, the scope of civil liberties include freedom from slavery, from torture and death, and the right to life amongst others. Another such right that is an integral part of civil liberties is the right to the Freedom of Expression. In this age of advancing technology, the importance of this right is increasing. Paradoxically its definition and implementation is being manipulated more and more by authorities.