Locking up cyberspace for minorities in Pakistan


Islamabad, July 05, 2012: Internet Freedom has become a key indicator to gauge the situation of civil liberties that a society enjoys in a country in the modern day world. In addition, democratic countries all around the world constitutionally ensure and practically respect the rights of religious and ethnic minorities to thrive in their society.

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Federal Minister for IT Slaps Nationwide Twitter Ban on Pakistani Citizens


Islamabad - May 20, 2012: It is despicable to note that once again, Government of Pakistan has managed to block yet another social networking website Twitter. This is one important communication channel, which was being used by citizens in Pakistan and turning out to be a major platform for free expression and alternate political discourse in the country. In the recent past, blocking Youtube, Facebook and several other websites is already to the credit of this government.

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Pul e Jawan building bridges in Af-Pak-India region using social media and technology


Islamabad, April 18, 2012: The Pul e Jawan Country Forum in Pakistan ended with a roaring success after trending two consecutive days on Twitterverse in Pakistan and much needed social media buzz on peace and security in Afghanistan-Pakistan-India region. Attended by 48 young journalists, youth leaders, social media enthusiasts, geeks and human rights defenders, the forum was organized by Bytes for All, Pakistan on 11-12 April 2012 in Islamabad.

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Pakistan Internet Filtering Scare: Citizens await answers


Islamabad, March 30, 2012: When the Government of Pakistan’s recent plans to initiate a mega countrywide Internet Filtering Project surfaced, Bytes for All, Pakistan initiated a major campaign protesting this unconstitutional decision, which is against civil liberties and democratic principles. Our protests were supported and amplified by similar national and international human rights organizations and concerned citizens, who joined in and demanded the restoration of unconditional internet freedom in the country.

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Internet in Shackles: an alarming attack on Pakistan's nascent democracy!


Islamabad – Saturday, March 17, 2012: Today, the democratic government of Pakistan is celebrating its achievements, when President of Pakistan made his fifth consecutive speech to the joint session of Parliament in the federal capital Islamabad. On this important day, it is extremely disappointing to note that despite severe criticism, Government is going ahead and continuing with its plans to filter the internet in Pakistan.

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Locking up the Cyberspace in Pakistan


Islamabad, Friday, February 24, 2012: The Government of Pakistan has repeatedly exhibited the obsession to lock up the Pakistani cyberspace at every given chance. The reasons for doing so are myriad and diverse, but mostly, they revolve around the same unjustifiable excuses like upholding national security, war on terror and/or religious morality.

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Secure Journalists Programme


Pakistan is a developing country, which is ranked among the most populated, and to an extent an extremely important role player in shaping the last decade. Not only has it undergone drastic changes from within since the start of War on Terror, but it has also become of core importance in reflecting itself as a model target of complex present day ideological warfare and radicalization.

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Kathmandu Statement on the Internet and Freedom of Expression


We, participants in the South Asian Meeting on the Internet and Freedom of Expression, having met in Kathmandu, Nepal, on 2-4 November 2011 to deliberate on the state of freedom of expression in our region in the digital age, and coming from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Considering the importance of social media and the Internet to the growth and advancement of democracy in our region,

Have adopted the following resolution:

Access to the Internet

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Open Letter to the Prime Minister of Pakistan – Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA)


On behalf of all concerned citizens of Pakistan, Bytes for All have sent an Open Letter to His Excellency Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani, the honourable Prime Minister of Pakistan on the issue of content filtering and SMS ban directive by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). We are very hopeful that the Prime Minister will himself look into this matter for redressal of grievances as raised in this letter. The contents of this letter are pasted below.


Honourable Sir,

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Pakistan: Ban on Internet encryption a violation of freedom of expression


The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority has served legal directives to all internet service providers in the country requiring that they implement an earlier regulation banning in the name of anti-terrorism all internet encryption. ARTICLE 19 and Bytes for All regard the regulation, and related provisions in the Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-Organization) Act of 1996, to be in violation of international legal standards on the right to freedom of expression and the right to privacy, and call on the government to amend the laws and retract the notices served.

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